Rafiq Khoury / Rainer Zimmer-Winkel (Eds.)
Christian Theology in the Palestinian Context
Preface by Patriarch em. Michel A. Sabbah

ISBN 978-3-86575-049-5 | 512 p. | Hardcover | 30,00 € | AphorismA Berlin 2019

A comprehensive overview of theology in the Palestinian context in our days!

“The land of Redemption unredeemed: this is the main contradiction lived through
generations until today. Jerusalem and all its inhabitants today, live out this contradictory situation in their daily political life. They are people in search of life; instead they find a situation of war, oppression and death. Here theology has to spread light on the happenings within the land today.”

Michel A. Sabbah, Latin Patriarch em. of Jerusalem


With contributions from:
Naim Stifan Ateek, Frans Bouwen, Peter Du Brul, Elias Chacour, Nora Carmi, Pier Giorgio Gianazza, Munther Isaac, Rifat Odeh Kassis, Yohanna Katanacho, Jamal Khader, Geries Khoury, Rafiq Khoury, David Mark Neuhaus, Mitri Raheb, Viola Raheb, Michel A. Sabbah, Heidemarie Winkel, Munib Younan, Jean Zaru

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